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Morning Crossfire is a fresh spin on the usual daily morning shows that abound. It features interviews and analysis on the latest topical issues, that run the gauntlet from politics, to social, to economic, to international relations, as well as entertainment.

Hosted by Ofi, Swat and Crazy Legs, the show keeps the listener up to date on the top stories both locally and internationally.

Delivered with crisp and fresh insight, the show is fast paced and addictive. Starting off each day with some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from the hugely popular “Rise to Wisdom”, the hosts keep it insightful and fun as the delve into the myriad issues that crop up in the course of a 24 hours news cycle.

With specialized shows such as “Great Debate” everything you need to know about the world is at your fingertips or rather on your radio dial of 95.1 Nigeria Info. Morning Crossfire helps the listener set the news pace for the day and it also sets the tone for the day on Nigeria Info.

Last modified on Friday, 11 March 2016
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