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Nigerians react to President Tinubu's Conditional Cash Transfer for 15 million households

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Callers on Nigeria Info’s Hard Facts have shared their thoughts on the federal government’s conditional cash transfer programme, which was launched on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, to reduce the impact of economic shocks and the removal of fuel subsidy.

Some of them questioned the effectiveness of the programme, which will provide N25,000 to 15 million households for three months, citing concerns about the amount of money being distributed, the disbursement process, and the overall impact on poverty.

One caller, who said he spends N25,000 on a daily basis, questioned the effectiveness of the program in eradicating poverty. "What will N25,000 do?" he asked. He suggests that the focus should be on equipping people with essential skills rather than providing direct financial aid.

Another caller doubted the government's ability to distribute the money fairly, given their experience with past palliative programmes. 

“Look (at) the palliatives they did…the whole area where I stay, nobody perceived anything,” the caller said.

A third caller, while acknowledging the noble intent of providing N25,000 for three months, expressed pessimism about its ability to alleviate widespread hunger. He stated that such an amount "cannot cushion the hunger in the land."

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