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The Comb - BBC

  • Striking gold

    “This is a diamond!”: In 2017, two young miners, Komba and Saffea, struck gold. They uncovered a huge 709 carat diamond - the ‘Peace Diamond’ - worth millions of dollars, in Sierra Leone. It was a dream come true for them both. They were rich beyond their wildest dreams. And then, their dream began to unravel. Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch: Produced by Mary Goodhart

  • Am I in a cult?

    “I was losing myself”: When Mbali was introduced to a new church through a bible study group she was excited at the prospect of finding a new religious community. But as she became more involved with the church, she began questioning some of their unusual teachings and approaches. It left her asking the question ‘Am I in a cult?’ Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

  • Not guilty

    Accusations, imprisonment, and vindication: The lie that changed Ishmail's life, taking away his freedom, and breaking up his family in Malawi. Nearly 20 years later, Ishmail reflects on the painful reality of being falsely accused. Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch: Produced by Mary Goodhart

  • Parenting and punishment

    “My dad beat me.” How the physical punishment of a child changed the lives of a Nigerian family forever. Behaviour which was the norm for a mother who grew up in Nigeria was treated as assault in the UK. Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

Focus on Africa

  • Inside Sierra Leone's justice system

    Focus on Africa takes you inside Sierra Leone's overcrowded prisons and looks closely at the country's justice system. Our reporter Umaru Fofana looks into a much needed review on how prisoners are treated. Also the Nobel peace prize-winning gynaecologist Denis Mukwege, who is renowned for helping victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, announces his plans to run for president in December. What's the reaction in the DRC and can Denis Mukwege make a difference? And we talk to African playwrights, Tonderai Munyevu and Yael Farber who join over 60 of the world's leading playwrights for an online charity auction taking place at Christie's in London. The event, "Out of the Margins", is organised by the Good Chance theatre and will include writers; Wole Soyinka, Inua Ellams, Tom Stoppard, Tina Fey, and Tanika Gupta.

  • One year since Burkina Faso’s latest coup

    One year on from the most recent coup in Burkina Faso, we look at the current state of play regarding security, the economy and the ruling junta. We examine the political tensions in Mozambique ahead of the country’s local elections next week. Plus, we meet Kenyan stargazer Susan Murabana, who is bringing astronomy to the people.

  • Youth displacement by the Sudan conflict

    Thousands of people in Sudan remain displaced with many seeking shelter in schools. The impact of the war has had a devastating effect on the country's youth who now have no formal schools to attend. We'll hear how this ongoing conflict is disrupting the lives of young people in Sudan. Also, there's frustration in Nigeria as the country grapples with ongoing power outages, despite investment in the energy sector. We find out what's behind the perennial blackouts and get analysis from Nigeria. And how Ethiopians are praying for peace and unity as they begin celebrating the annual religious holiday of Meskel.

  • The silent killer: hypertension in Africa

    The World Health Organization says the African continent has the highest prevalence of the "silent killer" hypertension.  What are the signs and what can be done? Why is the DR Congo government now calling for an accelerated withdrawal of the UN peacekeeping mission? And good news for Morocco ,a chance to host the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations, and after 50 years ,East Africa will host the tournament in 2027.

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