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The Comb - BBC

  • Striking gold

    “This is a diamond!”: In 2017, two young miners, Komba and Saffea, struck gold. They uncovered a huge 709 carat diamond - the ‘Peace Diamond’ - worth millions of dollars, in Sierra Leone. It was a dream come true for them both. They were rich beyond their wildest dreams. And then, their dream began to unravel. Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch: thecomb@bbc.comProduced by Mary Goodhart

  • Am I in a cult?

    “I was losing myself”: When Mbali was introduced to a new church through a bible study group she was excited at the prospect of finding a new religious community. But as she became more involved with the church, she began questioning some of their unusual teachings and approaches. It left her asking the question ‘Am I in a cult?’ Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

  • Not guilty

    Accusations, imprisonment, and vindication: The lie that changed Ishmail's life, taking away his freedom, and breaking up his family in Malawi. Nearly 20 years later, Ishmail reflects on the painful reality of being falsely accused. Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch: thecomb@bbc.comProduced by Mary Goodhart

  • Parenting and punishment

    “My dad beat me.” How the physical punishment of a child changed the lives of a Nigerian family forever. Behaviour which was the norm for a mother who grew up in Nigeria was treated as assault in the UK. Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

Focus on Africa

  • Why are Malawi's Catholic Bishops critical of the government?

    Malawi's influential Catholic Bishops have written a letter criticising President Lazarus Chakwera's government. They say the country is worse off now. than it was four years ago.  The government has acknowledged the issues raised by the church.  Also how widespread is the recruitment of child soldiers in Africa?And we hear the second half of the story of the Nigerian student who fled Ukraine two years ago, at the start of the war.

  • Why are migrants using Mauritania to get to Europe?

    There's been a rise in the number of people attempting the dangerous Atlantic crossing from West Africa to Europe. Migrants are once again returning to Mauritania, which is struggling to cope with the growing numbers. Why are migrants choosing Mauritania?Also, we'll hear a personal and distressing story of how a Nigerian student fled Ukraine and made her way across Europe when the war broke out two years ago.And why are more African countries growing bamboo?

  • Are child-beggars on Uganda's streets 'sold'?

    More than 100 mothers in Uganda have been given community service for allowing their children to beg on the streets of Kampala. We hear more about why street-begging is a huge issue in the country and how most are from a particular region where they are sold as a commodity.Senegal’s President Macky Sall says he will stand down on 2 April when his term in office expires, but he has not announced a new date for the presidential election. So what will happen next? And we hear from a Tanzanian student, who fled Ukraine two years ago when Russia invaded, but now she has returned to complete her medical studies, even though the war rages on.

  • South Africa's youth struggling to find jobs

    South Africa's finance minister Enoch Godongwana, acknowledged that the country's economy is facing 'a tipping point'. There's massive youth unemployment in South Africa and this recent forecast won't be favourable to young people. We hear reaction and look at possible solutions.Also, Somalia signs a military and economic deal with Turkey. What's the deal and why has it angered Somaliland? And Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso want to form their own economic bloc, away from Ecowas. Can it work?

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