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Biological Clock vs Personal Clock: Caller rethinks societal pressures on singles

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The ticking of the biological clock has long fueled societal pressures on singles to settle down, but a ‘Hello, Port Harcourt’ caller has challenged this narrative.

The conversation on the programme was about the complex and nuanced nature of navigating the biological clock and societal expectations. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, the exchange with callers emphasised the importance of understanding and respecting individual choices, particularly when it comes to such intimate life decisions as marriage and family.

While acknowledging the biological realities of fertility, George, a caller, passionately argued that marriage should not be viewed as a deadline or a solution to societal anxieties. He emphasised the importance of personal fulfilment and individual timelines, questioning the productivity of singles who fail to maximise singlehood:

"You're not married, you're not making good use of your time, you're not making money?” he asked.

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