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Its Not About Price Reduction But Retaining Value -Caller

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The rising cost of building materials and overall affordable housing has been a growing concern for some Nigerians.

Albeit a relief for many, was an announcement of the reduction of cement price to an ex-factory price of 3,500 per bag by BUA Cement PLC.

A caller on Nigeria Info’s Hello Port Harcourt says a reduction in cement price may have no significant impact on the general cost of building a house.

“What about the Zinc, wood, nail, other necessary materials… is it only cement that is being used to raise a house,” he said while contributing to the conversation on the effect of a reduction in cement price. 

Raising concern about sustaining the value of products after a cutback in prices, he appealed to the Standard Organisation of Nigeria, SON, the agency responsible for regulating the quality of products in Nigeria, to ensure Nigerians get value for their money.

“It is not about the price reduction, it’s about the quality and quantity being intact”, he stressed.

He added that though the reduction in the BUA cement price is welcomed, the producers should maintain the quality and quantity of the product.

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