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Niger's Deposed President Faces Charges by the Military Junta

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Charges have been filed against Niger's deposed President Mohamed Bazoum, who has been held at the president's official residence in Niamey since the July 26 coup.

A Nigerian delegation recently stated that Niger's coup leaders were open to diplomacy to resolve the crisis. 

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has called for Bazoum's reinstatement, imposing severe economic sanctions on Niger and threatening military intervention if civilian rule is not restored.

Niger's military spokesman, Colonel Major Amadou Abdramane, dismissed concerns over Bazoum's health, stating that his doctor found no problems during a recent visit. 

Abdramane criticized ECOWAS sanctions, which he deemed "illegal, inhumane, and humiliating," 

Meanwhile, a group of Nigerian Islamic scholars announced a meeting with Niger's coup leader Abdourahamane Tchiani in Niamey. 

They disclosed Tchiani's willingness to hold "direct talks" with ECOWAS. 

Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau led the Nigerian delegation, with the blessing of Nigerian President Bola Tinubu, who also heads ECOWAS. 

The prospect of a military intervention to reinstate Bazoum has caused division within ECOWAS and raised concerns from foreign powers including Russia and Algeria.

Recall that Niger's neighbors Mali and Burkina Faso, also ruled by military governments from coups, have warned against intervention, stating it could be considered a declaration of war on them.


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