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Government Documents: Priority List or Flat Rates?

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There is no gainsaying the fact that there is a way to "get things done" in Nigeria.

Unlawful as that may sound and truly be, it is fast becoming a norm in our society.

This - corruption and corrupt individuals - for many, has been the bane of our problems in the country.

On the Sunny Side, show host Joyce Onyemuwa was on a quest to find out if people would rather pay extra to get their official, if not general, needs attended to in double quick time, or maintain status quo.

For this architectural designer who narrated a scenario, the issues are broad.

He says: "Even Nigerians are not ready to do the right thing, when you want to do the right thing, they discourage you.

"They want to pay the extra and get it quick," he added.

For another caller who also narrates his experience, the realities of being Nigerian are crystal clear.

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