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I did not vote for my elder brother, though he paid my school fees – Caller

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A caller on Nigeria Info’s Sunny Side has narrated how he chose another candidate over his elder brother who was contesting for a seat at the House of Assembly.

Denise Dennis was having a conversation about reciprocity in Nigerian politics, asking if the fate of Nigerians and the overall outcome of the 2023 general elections should be centered on reciprocity.

This caller in particular told Denise that the election which his brother contested was in 2011, and had a “more credible” candidate who was a mentor to him also contesting for the same position. He said having this knowledge, his “conscience would not have allowed him vote” for his brother who was responsible for paying his school fees at the time. 

“…he won the election but I also told him no, I didn’t vote you o,” he revealed.

He added that determining party candidates in Nigerian politics should be done with a “sense of duty” and not reciprocity.

Watch the video below:



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