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On a scale of 1-10, how many of the things that you did when you were much younger would you do all over again if you could travel back in time?

Whatever your answer may be, I am sure the one reply synonymous with almost all six billion people on the planet won't be "10."

And safe to say the reason for that is the little reflecting mirror inside of us all called conscience.

It pricks on you harder than a bouquet of thorns for all the right reasons, right?

And for what it's worth, you won't have to face a lawsuit against the state if it (your conscience) died at your hands.

Try murdering it first at least.

Muyiwa (not his real name) is "standing trial" with himself for an action he took many, many years ago.

While it is regrettable looking back on it now, it cannot be undone sadly.

That old commandment about coveting your neighbor's property clearly wasn't heeded by him.

Sharing his story with Wemimo Adewuni on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, he explains how he now understands why that instruction was given. 

"Since then, the thing (my conscience) has been disturbing me," he bemoaned.

"I even went to church to confess, I went to my late father too to confess," he added.

However, those moves for amends haven't yielded much.

Watch the video for his full confession.


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