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I'm Dating My Uncle's Wife's Niece; Can We Get Married?

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Who really is family?

The one you share a close relationship with or the one that has got the same blood as yours flowing through their veins?

Once established -and if in favour of the latter-, there is no gain-saying the moral boundaries of relationships with them naturally become bolder and clearer.

After all, family is family, right? At least that is what they say. 

Kalvin (not his real name) is unsure if one family member -though very extended- can still be considered as such.

He is facing the dilemma of not knowing if to carry on a relationship that is being seen as taboo by some, and the exact opposite by others. 

Caught between his love and society's perception, he must make a decision to stay with or walk away from the one he truly loves.

With only two options open to him, it (making a decision) couldn't possibly be that complicated, could it?

Sharing his predicament with Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, he explains why 'complicated' is only but a succinct way of putting the situation in words. 

"I love this girl and we are currently dating," he began.

"But she is my uncle's wife's niece", he revealed.

A little too cryptic, right? Plus, decrypting that "family code" could lead to a mind explosion.

Well, simply put; she is his Father's Step Brother's Wife's Step-Sister's Daughter.

Now, boom goes this dynamite! 


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