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Independence Day: Who is responsible for Nigeria’s problems?

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A caller and a guest on the Morning Crossfire have shared divergent views about Nigeria's challenges and who should be held accountable for them.

Ifiemi Andrew during a conversation about the country’s 62nd Independence asked why it seems Nigerians are becoming less interested in the celebration.

On the one hand, Chris, who called in from Rumuigbo opined that the President should not be blamed because local government chairmen have failed to key into federal government policies, and are not playing their roles to improve the economy.

Chris said: “Everybody just wakes up every morning and looks at Buhari… life is all about a bottom-top approach, and not a top-bottom approach. Look at the tree standing, where does its strength lie? In the roots and not at the stem or wherever.”

In a counterargument, the guest on the programme, Senator Bennett Birabi, said the President cannot be absolved of the blame due to the system of government in operation in Nigeria. 

“Fish rots from the head. If the head of the fish is rotten, the body will not be consumable and unfortunately, we have a government that is run from top down,” he argued.

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