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Money: The One Who Has Been Told to Get It vs The One Who Must Get It

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Money. It always seems to be at the epicenter of everything in life.

The root of all evil is the description of the love for it. Worthless is the value of the one without it in the eyes of others.

Still, its pursuit is never-ending. Month on month and year on year, people who don't have it (money) go after it, and even those who do, want more of it. 

Is it truly the key to happiness? A part of it, maybe?

Recently, a video surfaced online showing a young man asking his mother if she would consent to him delving into online scam (yahoo yahoo) to make money. This is in the wake of his failed attempt at living a well-to-do life as a graduate.

Her response: "yahoo yahoo" has got more grace compared to an honest job.

Another video also revealed a parent seemingly vehemently insisting her daughters come home with very rich men for husbands to save the family from poverty. 

From the two scenarios, it's easy to point the accusing finger the way of the parents in instant judgment. 

While that may be justifiable, it is also essential to probe at the reason for this unpopular stand. 

Where does it stem from? Is it wrong for people to just be that greedy, and with their standards? Are parents adding too much pressure on their children to make and bring money home?

Joyce Onyemuwa sought to unearth the real truth behind the quest for money.

So money; the one who wants it versus the one who has been told to go get it.

Where do you stand? 

Watch the video for some riveting responses.


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