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My Cheating Boyfriend is Threatening Me Too

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There is the good and the bad, the smart and the stupid, even a void has got its alter ego.

Ever heard of the cheat and the coercer?

Talk about getting two for the price of one.

Love may be a beautiful feeling, but it appears that like almost every other thing in life, it has equally "suffered" evolution.

It is often said that one can tell when they are in love. Can they also tell when they are not loved as much when they are in love?

Behold, the vacillation of love.

Pearl (not her real name) thinks she has become anything but gold to her boyfriend. She needs to dig up a precious decision.

In her words, she is "fed up" with her relationship. 

Narrating her ordeal to Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, she asks, "do you think I should send him a text message or just tell him I want the relationship to be over?"

A bit too cold, you reckon?

However, she also agrees he might really be in love with her, and is only "distracted."

So how then have they arrived here?

"He's cheating and I discussed it with him," she explains.

"He said I shouldn't worry about it, and that if I allow that to spoil my mind, then I have accepted defeat."

"You are old enough to know when someone is giving you garbage," replied Joyce.

Now that a decision needs to be made, cheating is no longer the primary problem. 

Watch the video to find out what really has Pearl worried and what Joyce had to say about it.


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