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My Girlfriend Wants An Oath Before Sex

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The fears of a young girl or the naivety of a smitten young man?

Maybe its the innocence of a young love; whatever you reckon is best to call it, you would be anything but far off the mark. 

But what really is the right term for it? The dilemma between doing what's right but unsatisfying for love, and what's satisfying but wrong for the future of love.

That brain exercise is very much secondary right now for 21-year-old Steven (not his real name).

In love with his girlfriend and also interested in consummating that affection, Steven must have been excited when his young lover noted she was open to the idea of deep intimacy. 

However, like everything else in life it was going to come at a price.

Speaking to Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on Sunny Side, he shares how confused he became since being told what that cost would be. 

"We were talking about sex and she told me she was a virgin, he began.

"Then she told me of all the guys coming to her, I am the only one she wants to give herself to.

"She further asked me if I could do anything for love; I said yes but I asked her what exactly she meant.

"She said before she can give herself to me, we needed to protect our love first."

He explains further in the video. Click to watch. 


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