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Myths About The Left Hand: What Were You Told? 

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There is no doubt that the left hand is shrouded in controversy. It is often regarded as the ‘weaker hand’ and also seen as the one associated with disrespect in some African culture.

Why so you may ask? This is what Collins Teke and Andrea Teke sought to unearth on today’ edition of Family Talk on Whaats Up Lagos. What myths are there to the left hand? They ask. 

“In the Bible, God said the devil is on the left hand and Jesus on the right,” said a caller, “He will cast those on his left hand into the kingdom of darkness,” she added.  

“That is the scary part of it, some people interpreted it in the wrong way,” she bemoaned. 

For another caller though, “It is like a generational misconception, things have to change with time.”

Sharing his own experience, he explained, “I am left-handed but I noticed I use my right hand to write. This means I must have been compelled and that is where the abuse comes from.”

Citing the example of Spanish Tennis Star Rafael Nadal, another caller explains why left-handed people are peculiar.

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