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Suicide Among Adolescents: How Can Families Provide Better Support?

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Suicide ideation is on the rise, especially in Nigeria recently. The reason for this ranges from bullying to economic hardship, barbaric cultural rights and depression too.

However, what's more worrying is the increase in the number of suicide cases amongst adolescents. 

On the Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos with the Tekes, the role(s) of families in identifying and preventing suicide amongst teenagers formed the central conversation. 

Why are teenagers experiencing suicide ideation? They ask.

For Andrea, the reason for this is because teenagers feel "boxed."

She said, "They feel like this because they are in-between being an adult and still being a child, they are the age group that is being neglected." 

"They go through a lot like identity crises and peer pressure, and they get little or no attention."

Are the parents solely to blame?

Watch video for Collins' response, as well as personal experiences from callers.


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