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Terrorism: Soldiers Should Not Spend Over Nine Months in Battlefield -Military Veteran

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Nigeria's ranking by the global Terrorism Research/Analysis Organization as the second most terrorised nation in the world after Iraq may not be a true reflection of things globally, but its unending fight to combat insecurity leaves precious little in the way of defence to that report.

That's the belief of military veteran and criminologist, Dickson Osagie who highlighted one of the seismic reasons for the long-standing battle with insecurity.

According to the global security analyst, "operational error" is the bane of the problem.

This summation he gave while speaking to Mary-Ann Duke Okon and Stretch on Whaats Up Lagos.

That error, he said, leads to the brain drain of military personnel. 

"On the battlefield, two things are involved," he explained. 

"You're on the battlefield to fight and reunite with your family.

"One of the problems I have also identified with our military is operational error; sometimes deployment strategies made us lose a lot of men on the battlefield.

He added that "A soldier is not expected to spend more than nine months on the battlefield. Go back home and reunite with your family and enjoy your marital benefits if you are married.

"But this time around, we see soldiers spend three, four years on the battlefield."

For Osagie, this is "highly demoralising, psychologically and physiologically."

He shared a personal experience with his brother and also proffered suggestions for solving the problem.

Watch the video for more.


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