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What Are The Challenges Of Raising A Family In Lagos?

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According to a recent report by the Economic Intelligence Unit, the city of Lagos is the second worst city in the world to live in, ranking 139th of 140 cities. Shocking, right?

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, is not just Nigeria’s financial center, it is also a major African economic hub, hence the most populous on the continent.

So how then does one of the top ten of the world's fastest-growing cities and urban areas according to Wikipedia, turn out to be lower on the list of most livable cities in the world?

The Tekes sampled the opinion of Lagosians during the Family Talk on Whaats Up Lagos. 

From the man who quit his job to the woman who doesn’t prevent her children from experiencing the city to its fullest, Lagosians tell their story of raising a family in Lagos. Watch video for more >>>>


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