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Why Did You Get Married? 

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Marriage, they say, is a beautiful thing. It is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship, according to the Oxford Dictionary. However, ever wondered the reason behind people getting married? 

“I actually never wanted to get married, I just wanted to be on my own and pursue my career.” This is the confession of a woman who has been married for over 20 years. 

Speaking on the Sunny Side with Joyce Onyemuwa, this caller reveals she is “not too content and unhappy.” For her, marriage is not an option. 

“My mother always told me to go and get married, finally I did. In marriage, you cannot even contribute, your contribution holds no water because you are just a woman. It is all about ego,” she shrugged. 

The story is not so different for another caller, who is now married again after a bad experience at first. Being married, now she says is a lot better because both parties want it to work. 

“At 21, I got married to a man that was pushed by his parents because age is no longer on his side,” she explains.

Follow the rest of her story, plus a riveting piece of advice from Joyce to a listener who kicks against freedom in marriages. Check out the video>>>


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