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Zoning in Nigeria: Necessity or Irrelevance?

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The calls for zoning in Nigeria continue to headline the political scene as the 2023 General Election edges closer. 

By dint of popular opinion, the scorecard of the current administration is not better than those of previous regimes.

And with the vast majority of the populace also questioning the now seeming regional monopoly of the seat of the presidency, if not the entire distribution of power in the country, it appears Nigeria’s political climate still looks foggy.

Throw in the recent debate over the cost of nomination forms for various offices, and boom certainly goes this dynamite.

With the saying about different strokes for different folks largely applicable in the description of preferences of thoughts here, could zoning be the one horse for this race in terms of a solution? 

This was the hub of the conversation on the Sunny Side with Joyce.

Is zoning to the South a necessary element now or is choosing the best man for the job still paramount? She asked.

For one caller, Nigerian youths "couldn't care less" about zoning.

Watch the video for his reasons, as well as counter thoughts from others.


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