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FCT Residents Heave Sigh of Relief as APC Convention Ends

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The APC Special National Convention that took place in Abuja from Monday, June 6 to Wednesday, June 8 may have come and gone, but not without leaving a negative impact on the majority of the residents of the FCT.

The blockade of strategic routes connecting to the heart of the city where major government and business establishments are located affected the movements of residents to their places of work.

With the reopening of these roads following the end of the convention Wednesday evening, life was once again breathed into the city centre as residents on Thursday morning resumed their business activities in earnest.

A civil servant, Ahmed said, "I was very happy that the normal activities are going on now.

“I don't blame them for blocking the road, because in the country we are now there is a lot of insecurity. And for the safety of the masses and the president himself.”

"He has to protect the citizens and himself as well. Now that the road is open, I believe everybody is going about their normal businesses.

“It affected us as it was not a public holiday but there was no access to the office.

“As I am talking to you now most people have traveled to their different places to resume on Monday".

Another resident and businessman, Olawale, complained about the traffic caused by the road closures.

“During the convention, there was a standstill at Zone 5 for about two hours until the traffic agencies came around to help.

“That is how it used to happen whenever there's a convention," he said.

Despite the fatigue brought about by the convention, the residents expressed satisfaction with its outcome.

"The convention has come and gone and the flag bearer has emerged.

“But we have some different aspirant that gives different options.

“I looked at Ogbonnaya Onu who said if we want to have fairness and equity, APC is supposed to give the ticket to the South East so that there be peace in the country. But since democracy is all about interest and the majority carries the vote.

“You can see the way everything played out. The marathon meeting from the presidency to some leaders of APC.

“At the end of the day there was a competition and we must have one winner.

“Then when the winner emerged; all aspirants will now pull out their structure and work for the common goal".

It’s not only the roads that are back to their pre-convention states.

The Eagle Square venue of the convention is back the way it used to be, with the Nigerian Army Guards Brigade taking over the premises to rehearse ahead of the forthcoming June 12 Democracy Day celebration.

Eagle Square APC

The officials of the FCT Department of Outdoor Advertisement and Signages, which is responsible for keeping the streets of Abuja free of unnecessary posters and banners, have also swung into action by removing posters of politicians which littered every wall and building around the Federal Secretariat.


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