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  • Morning Crossfire with FemiDlive Morning Crossfire with FemiDlive

    Catch up with the biggest current affairs discussions in Abuja with seasoned interviews with newsmakers. Multi-award winning broadcaster, Femi D Amele brings on a political acumen and news-making interviews with leading voices in politics, health, economy and business.

  • What's Happening Abuja What's Happening Abuja

    What's Happening Abuja focuses on contemporary toned conversations relating to Abuja; the show features issues on social amenities; governance in the capital city; environment, security, entertainment and health. All conversations are driven by a contemporary tone.

  • Sunny Side Abuja Sunny Side Abuja

    Sunny Side brings you conversations on issues of human interest and experiences. It examines social and trending occurrence that affects people. It congregates the wisdom of the crowd on subjects of discussion.

  • Hard Facts Abuja Hard Facts Abuja

    Hard Facts is an intense current affairs conversation based on facts as the biggest factor in trustworthy and passionate discussions across Nigeria. It draws compelling insight from the analysis of news stories and provides actualities of how the news happened.

  • Sports Drive Abuja Sports Drive Abuja

    Breaking into your day with fast news and debate the biggest sports stories of the day.

  • Abuja Specials Abuja Specials

    Special documentaries and interviews

  • His Story His Story

    His Story packaged by Deon Sowobi is a weekly biography of historical icons airing on Nigeria Info FM Port Harcourt. Tuesdays: 1:30 pm Thursdays: 9:00 pm Sundays: 6:30 pm

  • Nigeria Info Roundtable Nigeria Info Roundtable

    Our all-star cast of broadcasters will sit at a round table to review the big conversations in 2021

  • Security Summit 2021 Security Summit 2021

    A panel of security and development experts discuss the remote and immediate causes of insecurity in Nigeria, with a view to finding a lasting solution.

  • Sunny Side with Constance Sunny Side with Constance

    Constance Mega deals with philosophical, ethical, and political issues. From philosophical conversations, ethical conversations and political conversations

  • Football Frenzy with A-Team Football Frenzy with A-Team

    Enjoy the pulsating conversation about football and sports with the A-team. The show is for football fans to show off their football club in style.

  • Medic 951 Medic 951

    MEDIC951 is a health magazine program for all the essential ideas to focus on healthy living and style.


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