Birthday v Death Day: Which Is Better?

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Life is full of auspicious occasions. From the moments that bring joy and happiness to the moments that draws sadness and regret, we go through life garnering experiences that sum up our lives. 

However, none of these significant moments beats the day a man was born and the day he dies. So it is often said. 

Ever thought about death? Its significance? As important a day/moment as it is with birthdays, why does it draw less happiness?

On the Lords of Logic segment of the Sunny Side, Joyce Onyemuwa sought to understand why "the day of a man's dying is better than the day he is born."

"I think about death a lot, it is very important," said one caller. 

"Death is beautiful, I love it," he added. 

How then is it that people are afraid of dying if it is beautiful and important?

For this caller, "Death day is better and very important because we go back home where we have come from which is timeless."

"Dead men don't cry but a born child cries," they added.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Watch video for the riveting story of a man who died and came back to earth, only this time as his daughter's child.


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