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Former UK Ambassador Sir Richard Dalton Discusses Middle East Crisis and British Involvement

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Sir Richard Dalton, the former British Ambassador to Iran, has shared his perspectives on some of the major issues in the Middle East.

Regarding the relationship between Iran and Israel, Sir Richard stated that there is no prospect of Iran fully accepting the existence of the state of Israel and engaging in normal diplomatic relations with it.

He expressed these views in an exclusive interview with Ireti Bakare Yusuf on Borderlines.

Drawing from his experiences in Iran, Sir Richard offered insights into the country's internal dynamics. He mentioned that while Iranians are generally hospitable to foreigners, there is a significant disparity between the aspirations of the people and the policies enforced by the government. 

Many Iranians, he noted, desire more liberal governance, but their leaders tend to impose strict Islamic rules. He also highlighted the difficulty for those advocating for more liberal policies to gain political power, as the Supreme Leader typically approves those elected to political offices.

The former ambassador also criticised the United States' undue involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he believes has exacerbated the suffering of the Palestinians and hindered international efforts for peace.

Sir Richard further remarked that if Donald Trump were to be elected President of the United States, he would likely be more supportive of Israel, resulting in little change in the existing dynamics.

He concluded by stating that it is quite impossible for the international community to maintain a neutral stance on the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, due to their inability to agree on peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution.




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