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Is Procreation the Essence of Marriage?

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There is an assumption that a couple's financial standing influences its child-bearing decision when faced with the choice of having a child soon after getting married. 

There is, however, usually an exemption when there are pressures from family, religious affiliations, and society.

A couple, married for 14 months, agreed to wait two years before trying for children.

The goal was to save up for the humans they intended on bringing to earth.

Despite the agreement with her husband, pressures from her family, church, and society at large forced the wife to change her plans.

Egged on by the couple's mothers, friends, and the pastor's wife, she convinced her husband that they didn't need condoms since she was on birth control pills.

Soon, she became pregnant and birthed TWINS. 

The man is now angry and upset. He feels used and manipulated. There's no money to properly take care of the babies and he's in debt.

Speaking to Sandra Ezekwesili on the Glass Ceiling on Hard Facts, Nigeria Info's newscaster, Yvonne Ohaifo, said "parenting requires planning. No child deserves to be born into hardship."

She added that the wife who was influenced by outsiders needs "some growing to do."

A caller countered Yvonne's view, saying that "twins are a very big gift to the family."

"This is the time for the young couple to reproduce. The essence of getting married is to be fruitful and multiply," a caller said.

Do you agree?


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