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Police Brutality: Government Sent Out Killers to Police Us – Oshoma

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 10:49am

By Samuel Victor Akpan

Constitutional Lawyer, Libororus Oshoma has called for a review of the country’s Policing system in the wake of continued reports of Police Harassment across the country. He made this known on Sunny Side. 

Speaking to show host Joyce Onyemuwa, Oshoma said, “The government sent out killers to police us.” 

Oshoma, while citing a personal experience, charged the government to understand what policing is about in order to make things lawful.

“You have a system of government that does not either reward hard work nor consequences for misdemeanor or impunity, what we have is a lawless policing society.

“You give a man who you do not understand his psychology, a gun to be on the streets to stop cars and harass people, and there are no consequences,” added Oshoma.

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