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Submission In Marriages: What Does It Mean?

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The concept of marriage seems to be evolving these days, especially when it comes to the issue of roles and leadership.

The man - seen as the head Biblically and culturally speaking - is essentially the provider and authority, with the woman his support and homemaker. So they say or we have come to know since Adam and Eve at least.

So, how much authority does or should the head (man) have over his support (wife)? How much should she concede to him?

Using the case study of a woman who had to kneel and beg her husband to allow her work, what does submissiveness in marriage mean? Joyce inquires on Open Thoughts on Sunny Side.

For one caller, the problem can be put down to the authoritative "attitude" of men.

She said, "It is very annoying when you have terrible behavior and then you expect someone to respect you."

To that end, marriage might not be an option for her anymore.

"I am not sure I'm going to get married if all men  are like this."

All men are the same, who trained these people?" She painfully laments.

Watch the video for more thought-provoking comments.


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