Israel Deliberately Denying Healthcare to Palestinians

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"Israel is not only bombing Palestinians but also deliberately denying healthcare to Palestinians."

Dr. Mads Gilbert @drmadsgilbert, Norwegian Medical Doctor and Professor Senior Consultant at the Clinic of Emergency Medicine at the University Hospital of North Norway disclosed this on NigeriaInfo's Borderlines.

"More than half of the hospitals in Gaza for 2.2 million civilians are closed down due to lack of fuel, water, electricity, medical supplies and safety and they have destroyed 54 primary healthcare systems."

Gilbert noted that Israel's attack on hospitals in Gaza is an unprecedented brutal and sadistic attack on civilians peoples right to health, safety and that sacred place for healthcare."

According to him, Israel's attack on healthcare is "not new. Israel has always attacked and bombed hospitals. In West Beirut in 1982, they bombed hospitals and ambulances."

The Norwegian Medical Doctor stated that several reports point to the fact that "Palestinian healthcare is not protected by international law which forbids the fighting parties to attack healthcare."

"The systematic attack on healthcare and healthcare workers is part of very systematic and sadistic psychological warfare and an attack on people's safety nets."


The Heroes are in Gaza

Speaking about the bravery of Palestinian healthcare workers, Dr. Gilbert said "The heroes are in Gaza and they are the Palestinian healthcare population at large." 

"All professions are showing us dignity and morality and they are the moral compass in these dark weeks and months."

He noted that most amputations are done by the effects of Israeli weapons.

"With the limited availability of anaesthetic drugs, Palestinian healthcare workers have to be pretty tough when they do the selection of whom to operate on, he said.


400,000 Sick People in Gaza

On his part, Doctor Mustafa Barghouti, Physician, Activist, Politician, and General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, revealed that there are "400,000 sick people in Gaza because of the outbreak of epidemics due to lack of water, destruction of sewage systems."

He added that there are reports of over "1000 cases of hepatitis A, 50,000 cases of skin disease."

"We are worried about the possibility of an outbreak of measles and Polio among children because all vaccinations have stopped since the 7th of October," he said.


Western Media Trying to Silence Palestinians

Dr Barghouti says the Western media is trying to silence Palestinians.

He insists that the Western media do not want to hear about the plight of the Palestinian people.

According to him, western media only call for interviews just to appear like they are balanced.

Reacting to the viral unprofessional interview with Talk TV anchor Julia Hartley-Brewer, Barghouti said, "She was racist and ignorant." 

"All she had to do was google me or my wife. I am one of the biggest advocates of women's rights in Palestine and we have a case with her station."

He further stated that he had instituted a case against her with Talk TV.




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