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Should On-duty Police Officers Always Carry Guns?

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"There is no traffic offence on earth where the driver deserves to be shot or to have their life threatened."

This is the position of Hard Facts host, Sandra Ezkwessili.

She questioned the rationale behind the "use of deadly force" by police officers during traffic stops. "Why should police be cocking guns to scare citizens at a traffic stop?" 

The most pertinent question Nigerians should ask is why the Police Force normalized pointing guns at motorists, cocking guns, and other weapons abuses.

She wondered why a police officer should be signalling readiness to shoot at motorists who are neither armed robbers nor kidnappers. These are people just driving on the road, she added.

"What needs to be changed at a policy level? Do we need fewer officers carrying guns on patrol? Do we need fewer officers carrying assault rifles? After all, AK-47s aren't really for law enforcement. Can't we get more officers to carry pistols?" Ezekwesili asked.


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