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General Nguema Has Been Chosen as Gabon's New Leader

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The Army officials in Gabon who took over the government through a coup on Wednesday have chosen General Brice Oligui Nguema to be the country's new leader. 

Earlier today, Gen Nguema was cheered by his soldiers as he was carried through the streets of the capital, Libreville.

The former President, Ali Bongo, who was removed from power, appeared in a video from his home. He asked his friends around the world to support him.

Gabon is known for producing a lot of oil in Africa. Ali Bongo's family had been in charge for 55 years, but the coup put an end to their rule.

The army officers said they didn't agree with the election results that said Ali Bongo won, as they believed it was unfair. 

They also arrested one of Bongo's sons for treason.

Soon after taking control, the generals met to decide who should lead the country during this transition period.

 They all agreed on General Nguema, who used to lead the presidential guard.

General Nguema told France's Le Monde newspaper that the Gabonese people were tired of Ali Bongo's leadership, especially because he ran for a third term.

 He mentioned that many people had talked about this issue, but no one took action, so the army decided to step in.

People in Libreville and other places celebrated the army's decision.

 However, the United Nations, the African Union, and France did not support the coup. 

They had close ties with the Bongo family. The United States and the United Kingdom also condemned the military takeover and called for the release and safety of government members.

For a long time, there has been growing unhappiness with the Bongo family's rule, which lasted for nearly 56 years. People were also upset about the high cost of living.

One resident of Libreville shared their feelings, saying they were initially scared when the coup happened, but then they felt joy because they had been waiting for a change in leadership for a long time.


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