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Are Unmarried People Less Respected?

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It is safe to say marriage is one of the many dreams of almost everyone.

Most people go through life dreaming about meeting the perfect man or woman, falling in love, and ultimately reaching the paradise of marriage with that one beloved. The perfect picture of roses, chocolate, and flowers I guess. 

It is also safe to say that there is so much importance attached to this age-long union between a man and a woman, especially on the African continent. 

However, is it probably anything but unsafe to say with all certainty that the magnitude of respect accorded married persons when placed side by side with that shown towards their unmarried counterparts, makes the latter look distinctly second best?

For what it's worth, the third time was a charm, wasn't it?


Over time, it seems a social construct has been born out of the disparity between married and unmarried persons. 

The reason for this ranges from education (cultural this time) to a lack of it (modern if not the western form).

That idea that unmarried persons are less deserving of being called responsible just because, is as worrying as it is growing in plausible belief. 

Is there any justification for it?

Sunny Side host Joyce Onyemuwa sought to probe this ideology on the Lords of Logic segment.

"Responsible can mean so many things," said one caller.

"The society refers to people who are married as responsible because they have an assignment or load.

"Jesus Christ himself was not married, he was a responsible man," he added. 

What case then can be made for people who are unmarried due to unfortunate physical or health complications? A caller asked.

Watch the video for an explanation to this, as well as a comical response from Joyce to a caller who questioned people's sexual activeness.


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