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Building Family And Community Relationships

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In the wake of mounting negative societal vices, the need for better relationships between families and their communities - which consists of other families - has once again been highlighted.

This charge was underlined on the Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos with the Tekes, who sought to examine the linkage between families and communities.

Does parenting style affect a child's development? What factor(s) mitigate against communal relationships? Why do people care less about other members of their communities? They inquired.  

"We all come from different places, hence it is not easy to mix with people," explains one caller. 

However, is our different ethnic background to blame? 

While sharing a personal experience, another caller stressed the need to steer clear of bonding (especially with children) unnecessarily with members of one's community.

"It is not advisable to familiarize your children with people that are not related to you because of these rape cases these days," she warned.  

How then do we build the much needed relationship between families and their communities? 

Watch video for more perspectives as Andrea shares a story involving robbers in one neighbourhood, while a caller explains how she and her husband were accused of rape when they tried to reach out to their neighbour.


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