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Children Calling Their Parents By Name: Disrespectful or Not?

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So picture this: you wake up one fine morning after a good or not so good night rest following a hectic day at work the previous day, and while getting set for the day's usually busy routine, your three-year-old son walks up to you in the kitchen and says; "Chidnma, where is my back pack? I am late for school."

Now wait... I can almost correctly guess your reaction, however, let me ask the obvious question still, what would you do?

It is not uncommon for parents to dote on and "spoil" their children, after all, they are the beauty of the home according to an old saying.

However, using a popular local parlance, when does "allow" become too much "allowance?"

On today's edition of Family Talk on Whaats Up Lagos with the Tekes, the debate was on children addressing their parents by name.

For one caller, "I can't even call my elder brother by his name, talk little about my mum or dad." 

Watch video to find out the reaction of a caller whose niece called the mother by name, and more interesting perspectives of callers.


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