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Communities in Disarray as Lagos Demolishes Homes in Oworosoki

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Two communities in Oworosoki, Lagos, have been left reeling as residents face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives from scratch following a wave of unexpected demolitions.

Residents of the Precious Seed community, widely known as Ferry Oworo, and the neighboring Oke-Eri and Ogo-oluwa Streets, have seen their houses reduced to rubble.

The residents of Precious Seed community were taken by surprise when their homes were bulldozed last week.

Many expressed frustration, claiming they were not given any prior notice about the demolition.

They conveyed their distress and uncertainty about their future to Nigeria Info.

“They didn't give us any notice that they were coming, till today, we don't know what's happening,” one of the affected residents said.

“Even the ‘Omonile’ we bought it from didn't tell us that it belongs to the government and they claim not to know anything.”

Aerial View of Oworosoki After Demolition/â“’Rethinking Cities

The non-notification has left them feeling helpless, struggling to comprehend the sudden loss they now must overcome.

The residents of Oke-Eri and Ogo-oluwa Streets are facing a similar fate to that of the Precious Seed community.

The anxiety has further spread to nearby Oluwaseun, Association Avenue, and Aralamo Street, as residents fear their homes may be the next target for demolition.

Eyewitnesses say individuals were apprehended during the recent demolition, and those attempting to capture the event on video had their phones confiscated.

A resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity said he and others were beaten.

“They didn't even give us the chance to question them, they were just pursuing and beating everybody, and their faces were covered.

“They were also armed with guns and teargas,” he said.

The demolitions have fueled outrage and frustration among the affected residents who now find themselves in a precarious situation.

They have also sparked a conversation about the importance of proper communication and transparency in governance and town planning.

Nigeria Info tried to get the reaction of the Lagos State Task Force, responsible for the demolitions, but our calls and messages were left unanswered.


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