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"Drugs Have Turned My Partner To A Monster"

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On this week’s edition of Dear Bunmi, Jimi Disu and guest Precious Iyabo-Idowu, deliberated the case of Vannessa, one of the Dear Bunmi addresses seeking help in her relationship.

According to Vannessa, she has been in a relationship for years with a charming man who she felt comfortable with enough to give him the keys to her house.

Well, things just didn’t continue to sail smoothly. Immediately after she did, she noticed things started to go missing in her house. Some more expensive than others.

Apparently, her boyfriend had run into debt and was stealing from her to sustain his drug habit. Every time she caught him, he apologises and gives false promises of it not repeating itself. But it always does.

 Vannessa loves her boyfriend and is confused about what step to take. Jimi Disu and Precious advised her as they deemed fit. Watch below and tell us your thoughts.




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