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Electrocution: We Have Potential Killers In Our Homes - Caller

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Do you know that just by having electric power around you puts you in danger of electrocution? 

Let me explain.

A 2015 research found that about 400 people get electrocuted at home, resulting in about 200 deaths every year. Of that lot, four people die from at-home electrocution, with 10% of that being as a result of large appliances. That same research also says there are 4,000 deaths every year from workplace electrocution.

However, what is electrocution? As defined by the Oxford dictionary, it is the injury or killing of someone by electric shock.

The Tekes, on today's edition of Family Talk on Whaats Up Lagos, sought to find out how home appliances have caused personal cases of electrocution and how best to avoid it.

One caller explains how a fast selling electric cooker can lead to fast electrocution. 

He said, "People like the cooker because it is effective, so I got one and when I tested it at home, it had electricity all over it."

"Many people who do wiring jobs in Lagos sometimes do crazy jobs that can kill people, many people have potential killers in their houses and don't know," he lamented.

Another caller explained an unfortunate incident of how a lady got killed by her neighbour's refrigerator.

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