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How to Survive in Lagos

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What really makes this city special?

If Lagos were a course of study in the university, what do you think its course title would be?

No prizes for guessing, right?

I would bet my last gallon of fuel, plus a week-long ration of "NEPA light" that you would say something along the lines of "Survival Codes 101" or "How to Wise Up Quickly."

I am confident I would not go home empty-handed still.

The factors that fuel that old narrative about one of Africa's largest cities, Lagos, being notorious for its unforgiving adaptation conditions, are as multiple as its constituent local governments. 

But, can you fathom why it remains a choice destination in Nigeria for all? 

 If the aforementioned supposition about Lagos is to be taken as fact, then the notion that there are special means for survival in the city gains credence too. 

What are those best tips for emerging from living in Lagos unscathed then? What are the signs to look out for?

This was at the heart of the discourse on Whaats Up Lagos with Mary-Ann Okon. 

For one caller, it's simple; "Suspect everyone, don't slack and act like you know everything." 

Is that enough still?

From the basic, to the starkly odd, and even the utter ridiculous, callers share their best tips.


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