Insecurity, Bike Ban and Threats to Impeach the President

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The growing insecurity in Nigeria has led to calls in some quarters for President Buhari's government to step aside.

It has also forced the government to take a tougher stand in combating terrorism in the country.

One of the proposed measures is a nationwide ban on commercial motorcycles (okada). 

The government postulates that this will help cripple, if not halt the mobility of bandits and terrorists who always use this means of transportation.

Recall that last week, opposition lawmakers staged a walk out at the National Assembly over growing concerns of security. 

On Monday, the lawmakers restated their resolve to impeach the president if he fails to address the insecurity in Nigeria within six weeks. 

To this end, Joyce Onyemuwa was interested to know the thoughts of Nigerians.

What does the threat to impeach the president a few months from the 2023 elections serve?

Furthermore, how effective is banning motorcycles in tackling insecurity? She inquired on the Sunny Side.

For one caller, "the problem of insecurity starts from the men manning our borders and the threat to impeach the president is an empty one."


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