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Is it Always Right to Tell on Someone?

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Ever heard someone say, "I didn't lie to you, but I just didn't say the truth either"?

In this fast-moving, Autobahn-like, skydiving lane that is called life, I reckon you most likely have. 

Did it make sense to you? Was it tenable?

The truth can be as difficult to reveal as it is to process sometimes; the reason why it is anything but a lie some would say. 

Is there ever a time when it is better to not say the truth because a lie would be a better truth than the truth that is now a lie?

Unearthing the truth or lie behind this tricky construct was the business of the day on the Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos with Wemimo Adewuni. 

If you were at the junction of making a decision as to whether something bad would happen to a good person, would you avert it if the bad person were your friend or family member? She asked.

Let's allow that percolate for a bit. 

"There is no need to hide evil, an evil person is an evil person," one caller said in reaction. 

"If you continue to cover that evil work, the person will continue to do evil and it might affect someone related to you," he warned.

There is only one condition why anyone should tell on another person, said another caller. 

Sharing a personal experience, he explained what that condition should be. 

Watch the video for details on what he had to say.



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