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Maternity Leave For Women: Should it Be Extended?

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Ever wondered why American singer, Faith Hill sang the song "A baby changes everything?"

The lyrics of the first verse may draw emotions based on the story told, but it is nothing compared to this sad tale. 

A woman left her three-month-old baby at a creche to go to work, but by the time she returned, the baby was dead.

As expected, there has been widespread criticisms by people who have reacted to this news. Now, the pressure that force women to go back to work has again been underlined.

However, Joyce Onyemuwa sought to find out on the Sunny Side, how couples could "safely" deal with the "changes" brought on them with having babies.

Do you think pregnant women deserve extended maternity period? Is it still safe taking babies to creches while you (mothers) go to work? She asks.

According to a caller, "a man cannot take care of a woman alone if they decide the woman should quit her job to take care of their child."  

To that end, "maternity leave for nursing mothers should not be beyond three months," he says. 

For another caller, "men hold the key to solving this problem, only if..."

Watch video to hear her explain exactly what men have got to do to prevent taking babies to creche, as well as another caller who proffers a solution through government and labour laws.


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