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My Mother-In-Law Is Driving Me Crazy Through My Wife

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You can't deny the fact that in this part of the world especially Nigeria, you don't just get married to your partner, you marry their entire family too, literally.

However, how much interference should one's in-laws have in their children's home, if any?

Stephen (not his real name) has just had enough of his wife's mother who seems to be the one running his home for him through his wife. 

Narrating his situation to Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on Sunny Side, he says his mother-in-law has never been known to "keep a home together."

"She brought up her children in a way that they don't honour their father," he explains, "her own home is not kept together," he added.  

It appears the tables has now turned. 

"She is beginning to handle my wife the way she handled her marriage, and my wife is beginning to be so autocratic," he cried out.   

How to handle this situation?

Watch video for full conversation as well as advise from Joyce on how to handle this "threesome."


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