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Owo Terrorist Attack: What Do We Do About this Reality?

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The gruesome killing of worshippers at the St Francis Catholic Church in Ondo state on Sunday has put the country's security structure under the spotlight again.

While it is one of many terrorist attacks in recent months, the seeming inability of the nation's security bodies to effectively combat banditry and insurgency is once again at the forefront of major conversations. 

On the Sunny Side, show host Joyce Onyemuwa was interested to know the reaction of Nigerians to the attack. 

With the Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Samuel Kanu-Uche - who was kidnapped last week in Abia State alongside his chaplain, Abidemi Shittu, and the Church’s Owerri Bishop, Dennis Okechukwu - revealing they paid N100 million to regain their freedom, Joyce also sought to know what the implication of this seeming "reality" could be.  

For one caller, the governors of these states need to be held "accountable."

"I have to take our governors as solely responsible for what is going on. 

"I want to believe they are using us as collateral damage for their political interests, there is no other way to explain this," he summated. 

Another caller thought the solution to the problem is "restructuring."

He explained further in the video. Click to watch.


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