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Shocking Family Secrets: How Best To Handle Them?

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The most important thing in the world is family and love. This is according to John Wooden. However, how far is one supposed to go to protect their family? 

Collins Teke and Andrea Teke sought to find out the place of honesty in the family on today’s edition of Family Talk on Whaats Up Lagos. How would you handle a situation where you find out a shocking secret about your family? They ask. 

For one caller, not all information should be shared in families. 

“There are some secrets that will scatter everything, you just have to keep it.”

Expatiating further, he said, “When you want to share secrets as pertain to the family, you have to check the person’s intelligence level as to how they can handle what you can share to them.”

However, that notion is not supported by all. For another caller, “this generation must begin to say the truth.”

Watch the video to hear him explain how an 11-year-old who was raped by her cousin is being protected by the larger family. 

“Each time I wake up and look at my daughter, it occurs to me that she could be a victim of this kind of situation,” he laments.


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