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Should I Tell On My Brother-in-Law?

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You would think the knowledge of the truth is easy to deal with, after all, even the Holy Bible says it - the truth - shall set you free.

However, tell that to the one who has to choose the better of two evils and you would realize that the truth is difficult to tell in the first place.

Bunmi (dummy name) lives at her elder sister's, and has witnessed the care she enjoys from her husband.

What she can also attest to is the fact that her sister doesn't have exclusivity when it comes to him.

That is a problem that needs addressing.

Sharing her story with the Tekes on the Family Clinic segment of Whaats Up Lagos, she explains who her brother-in-law is.

"He takes care of her very well and is well to do, but he is a chronic cheat."

However, that is just one half of the problem. 

The burden of the knowledge of the truth weighs heavy every time she looks at her sister, but should it be told? 

"Should I tell her or let her find out for herself?" She asks.

Watch the video for some interesting advice from callers, including one on condoms.


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