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Terrorists Emboldened by Ransoms & Negotiations –Former Intelligence Commandant

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The former Commandant of the Defence Intelligence College, Professor Kunle Olawunmi, has emphasized the vital role of intelligence operations in addressing the challenges of terrorism and banditry in Nigeria.

In an interview with Nigeria Info Sunny Side, He firmly stated that negotiating with terrorists is not a solution to curb banditry and terrorism.

Prof. Olawunmi argued that paying ransoms or negotiating with terrorists not only emboldens them but also provides them with the financial means to acquire more weapons.

“The solution to terrorism or banditry is not negotiation. The more you pay, the more they get bigger and they can never stop,” he said.

He was concerned about the pardoning and labeling of terrorists as "repentant terrorists," a practice he believes increases insecurity in Nigeria.

Furthermore, Professor Olawunmi said education is deliberately undermined by the political class, leading to the impoverishment of Nigerians.

“There is a deliberate policy to impoverish the population. It's a deliberate policy, a political policy by the people who are governing Nigeria. The political class is deliberately killing the education system to impoverish people,” he said.


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