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The Day I Almost Slept with Another Man's Wife - Caller

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The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Yes, that we have heard and come to know.

Has the flesh however been strong and the spirit weak before? Maybe not.

What happens when both the spirit and the flesh are aligning in weakness then? A carnival takes center stage in doomsday land I guess.

As humans, we are susceptible to temptation.  We are never without the might to resist it though.

What prompts one to renege on a deal to fall to sin? The knowledge that the intended act is a sin or the consequences of the sinful act?

Whichever the case may be, it is pretty clear what made Kenneth (not his real name) rise above his desires when they were on the brink of being pleasurably fulfilled. 

A fine day shopping at a store suddenly presents a chance meeting with a new friend for Kenneth.

Enticingly, this new friend was offering more than a one-off meeting. 

Sharing his story with Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, he narrates how a good day being absent from work was about to get even better. 

Or should I say worse? 

Watch video for his full confession and Joyce's reaction.


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