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Men, How is "Anything" Food?

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I can bet my bottom naira that the scenario I am about to paint is synonymous with all seven billion people in the world. Well, maybe not all.

After a long day at work, the wife typically - with huge expectations - picks up the phone and calls her husband to ask what should be made for lunch or dinner.

His reply, much to her frustration; "anything."

Yes, it rings a bell now, doesn't it?

It is quite the task making meals for someone. Deciding what to prepare, to begin with, adds the "T" to tedious.

In today's Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos, the Tekes sought to find out the reason behind one age-old question and its usual answer. 

Why do wives ask their husbands what they would like to eat? Why do the husbands almost always reply with "anything." 

A caller attempted to explain why the "anything" answer has now become a legend, if not annoying.

He said, "Anything is anything for women, but in the real sense, a man wants something different but is afraid to say it."

Why be afraid instead of being honest?

Another caller, however, said, "women get problem," which is Pidgin for "women are problematic."

Does saying "anything" really answer the age-old question of "what are we going to eat?" 

Watch video for more interesting takes.


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