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There is a Boundary to a Woman's Right in Marriages - Caller 

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Everything assumes a different meaning in the 21st century, so they say, and marriages are no exception.

With wives becoming more financially independent these days, husbands are in same vein becoming more open to the idea of equality in marriages. 

On the Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos, the Tekes were interested to know if this (the concept of equality/partnership) has influenced marriage in the 21st century positively or negatively.


What's your idea of the 21st century marriage? They also asked.

For one caller, "boundaries" need to be recognized by women.

He said, "Marriages these days don't work because commitment is no longer there mostly on the part of the women.

"There is a boundary to a woman's right when it comes to marriage."

What are those boundaries? Andrea inquires.

Watch video for his response and other interesting views.


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