This Woman's Seduction: If I Had Known...

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Consider this; do people really get seduced or do they fall for the seduction because a part of them really wants it?

And if one of the sides to every action we take as humans are repercussion, why do people only evaluate their actions when hit with the consequences?

These are some of the questions Williams (dummy name) is left to ponder as he stares his harsh reality in the face.

Despite being in love with his girlfriend whom he intends to marry, the lure of an affair with another woman was too difficult to resist.

Simply put, it was too much of an ask for Williams.

What's worse is that the said woman is the sister of the wife of his boss.

Sharing his story with Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on Sunny Side, he explains how it all began.

"We do play and discuss every time my boss is not around, but she told me not to force her to do anything until she decides.

"We were playing as usual and I tried to do something with her, but she raised an alarm that I  wanted to rape her."

Now this love affair will become anything but a secret, only if Williams agrees to certain demands.

Blackmail or good old karma? 

Watch video to find out what those demands are, what he stands to lose, and how he plans to get out of this sticky situation.


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