Tribal Marks: What’s Your Take On Them?

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Beautification, scarification, or identification; the purpose of tribal marks remains diverse. However, there are also reservations as to the need, especially in these modern times.

The Tekes sought to find out what the general opinion is on tribal marks on the Family Talk segment of WhaatsUp Lagos. What are the effects and stigmatization of African tribal marks? They inquired.

“I don’t think by the time the child (who has a tribal mark) grows up, he/she will be praying for us,” said one caller who clearly opposes. He added, “We are in the modern-day era, I feel it should be canceled.”

Another caller said, “Sometimes I feel I am not complete, deep inside, I feel like I should find a way to clean off the mark.”

While sharing a personal experience, a caller, however, explained why tribal marks may be important. For him, “the early people (forefathers) knew what they were doing.

“My father told me the tribal mark – given to my younger brother – was to disfigure his face so that he would not be noticed in the spiritual world,” he explained.

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